Our Mission

We will continuously strive to give our customers and visitors an incredible personal experience, to utilize the newest technology in order to insure self-sustainability and maximum energy efficiency, to educate the public about connecting with nature and reducing carbon footprint, to create jobs and improve the local economy and to promote human welfare and advancement through charitable events and fundraisers.

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150 Talisman Mountain Drive,
Kimberly On, NOC 1G0

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Talisman Golf Course

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Mudmoiselle in Beaver Valley

Canadian Cancer Society

Get ready for a day of mud, sweat and cheers.
The Mudmoiselle obstacle course is a 5km stretch of Canada's muckiest, filthiest, slimiest mud. Become a Mudmoiselle to drag cancer through the mud.


September 8, 2018

Talisman Mountain Springs Inn
150 Talisman Mountain Drive Kimberly, NOC1G0

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Our Community Support

Franco J. Vaccarino
President and
University of Guelph
The University of Guelph is an industry leader in the areas of Hospitality, Health and Wellness, and Landscape Architecture. All of these disciplines will be used extensively at the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn as it develops and beyond. An ongoing partnership with both student and staff with the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn would be a mutually beneficial opportunity that could allow the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn to develop areas with the best new technologies. Moreover, such a partnership has the potential to have the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn recognized as a key provincial and regional hub for showcasing world class academic talent, with an eye towards regional development opportunities. Along with the region and neighbourhoods surrounding the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn, the University looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the development of a vibrant community and amenities that will be created and maintained by the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn and Wellness centre.
Paul Lafrance
Paul Lafrance Design
“We were thrilled to hear that things are progressing at Talisman. As you know we have always had a very strong interest in telling the story of the “Phoenix Rising From The Ashes”

The Kimberley
Association (KCA)
Board of Directors
“The Kimberley Community Association (KCA) is a strong supporter of the restoration of Talisman. The Municipality of Grey Highlands depends highly on tourism as a source of revenue and Talisman has historically been the “Jewel” of the Beaver Valley and an important asset to our community. It has offered employment for locals, attracted tourists, and provided social, recreational and professional venues for visitors and the neighbourhood.”
Russell Severnuk
Sales Representative
Sea & Ski Realty Ltd.
“We need to compete and it will take Talisman to be the leader in 4 season recreation activities to ensure a strong Grey Highlands for Years to come. Not to mention the employment opportunities as well as putting money into the small business market that makes up our region.”

Tim Oliver
General Manager
Beaver Valley Ski Club
“Talisman will be of vital importance as we attract employees to the region. Our two businesses will help create year round employment. These year round jobs will have a tremendous impact on the local and surrounding communities. It is with great enthusiasm that we wait for the completion of the new Talisman Resort.”

Paul Raff
Paul Raff Studio
Incorporated Architect
“I am writing to express my firm’s interest in working with you on the Talisman Mountain Springs Inn. It is an ambitious, challenging and aspirational project.”